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19th Dynasty Offering Table

July 5, 2010 Leave a comment

Sculpted by the sculptor “Ken” of the 19th dynasty in Thebes this offering table is in the Marsielle museum “Centre de la Vielle Charité.” The drawing above was published by Ernest de Saulcy in “Mémoires de l’Académie Impériale de Metz, vol. 44, pt. 2” in 1864.

The names of the kings, as much as I can decipher, are as follows:

1. User-maat-re setep-enre (Ramses II thronename)
2. Ra-mesi-su-meri-amun (Ramses II birthname)
3. Se-nakht-en-re (Senakhtenre Tao I)
4. Se-t-en-en-akht-en-re (Seqenenre Tao II)
5. Wadj-kheper-re (Kamose)
6. Neb-hepet-re (Mentuhotep II)
7. Neb-peht-re (Ahmose I)
8. Iah-hotep (Mother of Ahmose I)
9. Iah-mesi-nefer-tari (Ahmose Nefertari, wife & sister of Ahmose I)
10. Aa-kheper-ka-re (Thutmose I)
11. Men-kheper-re (Thutmose III)
12. Aa-kheper-en-re (Thutmose II)
13. Djeser-ka-re (Amenhotep I)
14. Aa-kheperu-re (Amenhotep II)
15. Men-kheperu-en-re (Thutmose IV)
16. Neb-maat-re (Amenhotep III)
17. Djeser-kheperu-en-re (Horemheb?)
18. Men-pehti-re (Ramses I)
19. Men-maat-re (Seti I thronename)
20. Usiri-sethi-meri-en-ptah (Seti I birthname)
21. User-maat-re Setep-en-re (Ramses II)
22. A-men-hotep (Amenhotep I)
23. Men-kheper-re (Thutmose III)
24. Aa-kheper-en-re (Thutmose II)
25. Men-kheperu-en-re (Thutmose IV)
26. Djeser-kheperu-en-re (Horemheb?)
27. Men-pehti-re (Ramses I)
28. Men-maat-re (Seti I)
29. Neb-maat-re (Amenhotep III)
30. Aa-kheper-ka-re (Thutmose I)
31. Neb-hepet-re (Mentuhotep II)
32. A-men-em-mer-maat-messu (probably a version of Ramses II’s name)
33. Iah-mesi-nefer-tari (Ahmose Nefertari (wife & sister of Ahmose I)
34. Iah-hotep (Mother of Ahmose I)

The numbers used corresponds to those found in the drawing. I can’t seem to find out which pharaoh number 4 could possibly be.


Periodic table of pharaohs

December 1, 2009 2 comments

Since there are so many pharaohs (more than 350) I wanted to have a list that doesn’t occupy 20 feet of screen estate, so I thought of the periodic table of elements, and why not make the list of pharaos like that? Said and done, here’s my first attempt.

Periodic Table of Pharaohs

Periodic Table of Pharaohs

How to read it: Each pharaoh is contained in one box. In the first box you see: Nr, 1 and I. These stand for Narmer, Pharaoh number 1 and Dynasty I. In box just below the first, you see Sn, 21, IV – which stands for Sneferu, pharaoh number 21, Dynasty IV, and so on.
There are bound to be some mistakes, whether by omission or otherwise.

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